• Vidhya S

5 movies to watch on Netflix

If you’re wondering what to watch next on Netflix, I’m here to help. Here’s a list of 5 movies that you can watch. They're from different genres, but with a single commonality: they’re all pretty entertaining.

1. See You Yesterday

I’m a sucker for time travel movies. ‘Back to the Future’ is a classic in this genre that never fails to please. Interestingly, Michael J. Fox (the true OG) made a cameo in this film as a school teacher who is sceptical of time travel (oh, the irony).

Let me tell you a little about the film without giving too much away. There are two central themes at play here: time travel and racism. The story is set in Brooklyn and follows two super-genius black teenagers who successfully invent a time machine. As they dream about getting into Ivy League schools and making it big, our heroine’s older brother gets shot by the cops as he is mistaken for a criminal on the run. Her brother dies and the two teens decide to go back in time and right this wrong.

The story revolves around their attempts and is very engaging. You are drawn into the charm of the film; you feel anger over the injustice and you find yourself rooting for our two protagonists. The ending, however, leaves you wanting a little more.

Overall, if you like the sci-fi genre, enjoy the confusion of time travel and keeping track of various timelines, this movie is definitely worth the watch.

2. Late Night

This movie is about Katherine Newbury who's a big name in the talk show world, but her ratings have declined over the years. Her show is losing the charm it once had and is getting rather stale. In walks Molly Patel, a new hire (and the only woman) to join the show’s writing staff. She is a wide-eyed newbie who grew up watching Katherine and idolises her. She is honest and presents fresh ideas to spark the long-lost charm of Katherine’s show and well, you can pretty much guess what happens next.

This isn’t the type of movie that is going to shock you. Yes, it’s rather formulaic. An old veteran who thinks he/she knows best is slowly losing out to a despised rival and in walks a young protégée. They fight at first, each having different ideas and values, but at the end, they lift each other up.

I don’t mean this as a bad thing. Film director Stanley Kubrick once said, “Everything has already been done, every story has been told, every scene has been shot. It’s our job to do it one better.” In many ways, this is very true. Most stories have already been told, but they are nice, heart-warming stories that we don’t mind listening to again.

This story is funny and comforting. So when you’re craving for some wholesome goodness, check this one out.

3. Klaus

This is a Christmas movie unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Most Christmas movies have more Christmas spirit than they do plot, acting and anything else for that matter. But this is gold.

Don’t let the fact that it’s animated fool you. Most animated movies are the ones that make grown women cry, and by grown women, I mean me.

The story revolves around Jesper, a privileged son of a Postmaster General, who barely puts in any effort to graduate from the well-renown postman training academy. As a final resort to reform his spoilt son, the Postmaster General assigns Jesper to a distant town where the folk are nasty and the postmen often runaway. He is tasked to post a certain number of letters within a year. Otherwise, he will be cut off without a dime to his name. The only problem is the townspeople are often fighting with one another and rarely exchange letters. Jesper desperately tries to get the townspeople to write letters and finally, he meets Klaus, an isolated woodsman.

I won’t tell you any more in fear of spoiling it for you, but I can tell you one more thing about this story: it is truly inspired. It offers a different take on the Christmas story, one that is both funny and heart-warming.

So if you’re looking for something to watch with the whole family or if you just want some Christmas goodness in these bleak times, give Klaus a try.

4. Kaanum Kaanum Kollaiyadithaal

I love Tamil films and this is one I recently watched and enjoyed. The awesome thing about Netflix is language is not a barrier; just turn on the English subtitles and you’re set!

This movie is about two guys who are essentially fraudsters, and they fall in love. So they decide to do one last big job, get some cash, and move away to Goa with their girlfriends. Meanwhile, unknown to our anti-heroes, a cop is tracking their illegal activity and is working to catch them.

So the cop does find them, but that’s where a pretty epic twist awaits. All in all, a pretty interesting film!

For the Tamil movie buffs out there, another cool thing is, the cop is played by the well-known film director, Gautham Menon. This movie makes reference to one of his popular films, Vinnaithandi Varuvaya, which leaves fans with a good laugh.

Overall, if you’re open to a foreign language film with some nice music and an interesting plot twist, check this out.

5. In the Shadow of the Moon

I feel that this is a very underrated movie. Though it’s a little long, I absolutely loved it. This movie also revolves around time travel, but in a uniquely different way.

The movie starts off about a beat cop, Thomas Lockhart, who yearns to become a detective. In the beginning of the film, a few people die peculiarly and a hoodie adorned girl is identified as the culprit. Lockhart and his partner come across the culprit and try to chase her down. Finally, Lockhart confronts her in a subway station. It’s at this point that she says a couple of things about Lockhart’s life that leaves him wondering, how on earth did she know? Before he can ask further, she gets hit by a train and dies.

Fast-forward nine years and Lockhart is now a detective and single father. The same peculiar deaths start to happen again and when he starts investigating, he discovers the implausible. This is where the story gets really exciting and you start to piece things together.

Fast-forward two hours in real-time and the ending is satisfying. There’s just something about this movie that does it for me: a mix of time travel goodness, mystery, and an imperfect hero’s pursuit of the truth.

Do check it out.

I hope you enjoy these movies as much as I do. Stay home and stay safe everyone.