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7 Useful Home Cleaning Tools That Are Worth The Investment

Having the right tools makes a difficult job easier. Home cleaning can be challenging and having the right gear in your arsenal is key to a hassle-free clean home. Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect, one-size-fits-all cleaning kit. Everyone has different needs and preferences, and as such, our cleaning kits may differ. However, if you’re looking to invest in some helpful equipment that will make cleaning quicker and easier, here are some of my suggestions based on personal experience and some online research.

Without further ado, here are 7 awesome cleaning tools that are totally worth the investment:

1. Cordless vacuum cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaner

Vacuums in general are great, but cordless vacuums are absolute game-changers! Sure, regular vacuum cleaners probably have greater suction power, but it’s such a hassle to move from one plug point to another as you’re cleaning your home. With cordless vacuum cleaners, you just need to charge it beforehand and you can vacuum away without any wires or restrictions for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the model.

Recently, I got the Bossman Kaden PRO K2 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and I’ve been loving it! It’s lightweight and comes with various attachments, so you can also use it to vacuum the interior of your car. Our home doesn’t have many plug points and there were numerous blind spots, or dare I say dirty spots, that my regular vacuum cleaner couldn’t reach. Of course, using an extension cord is one option, but I prefer the convenience of a cordless vacuum.

If you’re thinking of getting a cordless model, I highly recommend the PRO K2!

2. Spin mop

Spin mop

This has been another game-changer for me. I used to dread mopping the house and manually wringing the mop by hand. I think my parents noticed my hatred towards mopping and decided to get us a spin mop when my husband and I moved into our apartment. With a spin mop, the bucket attachment does all the work for you. It’s an energy-saving innovation! No, I don’t mean electricity, I mean your human energy!

Nowadays, most department stores sell this product and I really think it’s worth the investment. It makes mopping floors so much easier and when a chore is less tedious, we’re more likely to do it (that’s the case for me anyway).

3. Multi-purpose cleaning solution & spray bottle

Cleaning solution and spray bottle

I use a multi-purpose cleaning solution to clean almost all the surfaces at home. Get a big bottle of concentrated solution that you can dilute down with warm water and use it to fill up an empty spray bottle. Now, you just need to spritz and wipe whenever needed. Using a multi-purpose cleaning solution gives you more bang for your buck as opposed to using a different cleaning product for every other surface.

4. Microfiber cloth & duster

Along with those spray bottles, invest in some microfiber cloths. They trap dust effectively, especially on those pesky glass surfaces. Plus, they’re more cost-effective compared to paper towels. In addition, using a microfiber ceiling fan duster with an adjustable handle is an easy way to clean your fan without the hassle of a ladder and rag.

5. Squeegee


When it comes to cleaning mirrors, this is what I swear by! Nothing gives you a clean, streak-free finish quite like a squeegee. It’s a small, inexpensive tool that’s great to have in your cleaning kit.

6. Moisture absorbing packets

Moisture trapped in closets can lead to mold.

Technically, this isn’t a cleaning tool, but it definitely saves you the trouble of cleaning up later. When moisture is trapped in your cupboard, this can lead to mold and an unpleasant musty smell. In our apartment, our cupboard faces the bathroom door and we love our hot showers! So inevitably, all that steam gets trapped in the cupboard.

After an incident or two of mold and general mustiness, we decided to keep moisture absorbing packets in our cupboard. They usually contain highly absorbent crystals or beads that capture excess moisture. When the packet fills up with water, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

7. Stiff-bristled brush

Stiff-bristled brush

This is a great tool for cleaning, especially to clean the grout between tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Grout is the white lines we see between tiles. Often times, grout becomes home to dirt, grime, mold, or mildew. To clean, you can spray a mixture of warm water and vinegar on the grout before scrubbing with a stiff bristle brush. Click here to learn more.


In all honesty, I hate cleaning! I often find that the best way to make an unappealing task doable is to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible. These tools and equipment help me do this.

What cleaning tools do you swear by? Do share in the comments below. I’d love to know!


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