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House Arrest: A Survival Guide

Recently, the Malaysian Government announced the restricted movement order (RMO) for two weeks to curb the spread of covid-19. Now, the RMO has been further extended for another 2 weeks up till 14 April 2020.

The daily statistic updates have been rather scary. The number of cases and deaths have been increasing steadily over the past one week. At a time like this, it's natural to feel powerless, but we can in fact do something to help: stay at home and practise social distancing. Of course, the occasional grocery runs are unavoidable, but other than that, it's important for us to stay at home and reduce our exposure to covid-19.

However, staying at home for long periods of time can leave us feeling restless. The days can start to blend into one another, seeming dull and uninteresting. So here are a few suggestions on things we can do at home to keep ourselves occupied and fight these RMO blues:

Let's start off with the most obvious answer, shall we?

1. Watch Netflix

Watching shows and movies are easier now than ever before, thanks to Netflix.

If you're looking for new things to watch, here are some suggestions:


  • Comedy: One Day at a Time, The Ranch, Santa Clarita Diet, The Good Place, Kim's Convenience*

  • Stand-Up Comedy: Gabriel 'Fluffy' Iglesias, Ronny Chieng, Vir Das* 

  • Mystery: Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, How To Get Away With Murder

  • Zombie: Kingdom*

  • Science Fiction: Black Mirror, Locke & Key

  • Horror: The Haunting of Hill House*, Slasher

  • Family/Coming of Age: Atypical*


  • Bollywood: Yeh Ballet*, The Sky is Pink

  • Zombie: Cargo

  • Old School Rom-Com: You've Got Mail

  • Animated: Klaus*

  • Horror: Escape Room

  • Science Fiction: In the Shadow of the Moon*

*the shows/movies I enjoyed most, I hope you like them too! :)

In the shadow of the moon - a tale of murder, mystery and time travel.

2. Declutter

My 'Project Declutter' is still ongoing and staying at home has given me an opportunity to tackle some of my biggest clutter hotspots. G and I managed to clean and organise our cupboard last weekend, something we've been meaning to do for ages now!

If there's a project (cleaning, decluttering or otherwise) that you've been meaning to do, now's the perfect time to start.

3. Experiment in the kitchen

Cooking at home can be relaxing and a good way to bond with your family. If you've been meaning to whip-up that Dalgona coffee everyone has been talking about lately, what better time to try it than now? Or maybe you've always wanted to create your very own colorful burrito bowl or make Japanese souffle pancakes for breakfast? Give it a shot, friend! Who says you need to eat out to take insta-worthy food pics? With a little time and care, you can do it at home, too.

Trying out the insta-famous dalgona coffee.

4. Zumba at home

I usually like going out for walks or a swim, but now during the RMO, we can't engage in outdoor activities. When forced to stay at home, I must admit, I tend to be rather inactive. I mostly write, cook, eat and watch Netflix. Not a very healthy lifestyle for one whole month.

So G and I decided to give Zumba a try. We found some beginner level videos on YouTube, cleared some space in the hall and got to moving. Zumba feels more like dancing than working out, which I suppose is why it's so popular.

Getting some exercise feels good, both from a neuroscientific point of view (since exercise triggers the release of so-called happiness hormones) and from an I-don't-feel-so-bad-eating-and-binging-on-Netflix point of view.

5. Skillshare

Recently, I got really bored at home and tried looking for creative writing courses online when I stumbled across Skillshare. Skillshare is basically a website/app that provides online courses on a wide variety of skills, for e.g. writing, photography, personal branding, productivity habits, photo editing, programming and lots more.

Skillshare offers a free 2-month trial, so you can explore different classes during this RMO period. On days that are particularly dreary, learning something new or honing your passions may relight that spark within you. Many of us have passions that we want to invest time in and improve on, but we rarely get the chance. So if you find yourself with nothing much to do this weekend, try a free online course to gain knowledge and improve yourself.

6. File your taxes

Amidst the RMO in Malaysia, the deadline to file your income tax returns via e-filing has been extended to June 2020. Since we have some time to kill at home now anyway, why not get a head start on filing our taxes?

So those are the few things I'm doing at home to keep my sanity intact.

What do you do? I sure could use some more ideas! 😊

Image by RetroSupply

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