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How To Plan A Vision Board Party

Vision board parties are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. It’s a unique way to connect with your loved ones over some fun DIY action!

If you’re wondering how to plan a vision board party, you’re in the right place! Here’s all you need to know to throw a kick-ass party for your family and friends.

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What is a vision board

A vision board is a visual representation of your goals and your vision for the future.

It usually consists of images and words that resonate with your goals, and they act as a reminder of what you’re working towards every day.

Visualizing your goals and desired outcomes can be a very powerful thing.

In fact, athletes have been using this technique for years to enhance their performance. They visualize an upcoming game and run through it in their mind as a sort of mental practice. And like they say, practice makes perfect!

A vision board helps you to visualize your desired outcomes in life and keeps you focused on the end goal.

Traditionally, vision boards are made by cutting out pictures and words from magazines and sticking them onto a poster board.

how to plan a vision board party

You can also opt for digital vision boards if you prefer a more eco-friendly option.

Ideally, you want to keep your vision board somewhere obvious where you can see it to motivate you to keep going!

Why host a vision board party

So what’s a vision board party? Basically, it’s a party where you invite family and friends over and make vision boards together.

It’s a great way to encourage yourself and your loved ones to create a vision board. Plus, you can ask everyone to bring along magazines, so you and your guests have a bigger pool of magazines to look through and cut out pictures from.

A party like this also gives you a chance to catch up with your loved ones. Any excuse for a party is a good excuse!

How to plan a vision board party

The first thing you need to do is set a date and send out invites! Don’t stress yourself out over invitation cards and postage. Just send e-invites via what’s app or email.

Try to send out your invites a week or two beforehand. Last-minute invites can lead to a poor turnout, and we don’t want that!

Keep your guest list short and sweet, with around six to eight people. Creating a vision board is a personal affair, so an intimate party with a small group is ideal.

hosting a vision board party

You also want to avoid inviting negative nellies or skeptics who roll their eyes when they hear the words ‘vision board’. You want to create a positive environment where your guests feel comfortable sharing their goals and vision with others.

When to host a vision board party

Around new year’s is a great time to host a vision board party! You can kick off the new year with a clear set of goals to work towards.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t host a vision board party at any other time of the year! If you want a vision board party for your birthday, why not?

You can even host a couple’s vision board party on your anniversary or Valentine’s Day. It’s a great way to celebrate any special occasion or milestone.

Making a vision board involves a lot of reflection and DIY work, so you may want to avoid having the party at mealtimes.

Imagine having lunch while working with scissors and a glue stick, yikes! Your guests are bound to get distracted.

Instead, have the party in between meals, perhaps in the late afternoon, and serve light snacks.

What to do at a vision board party

So, how do you kick things off? Once everyone arrives, go around the room and ask your guests to share a little about themselves and their goals.

This is a good way for your guests to get to know one another. Plus, it can help to initiate conversations between guests later on.

Guests with similar goals can connect and share ideas. They may even become accountability partners and forge friendships that last long after your party.

Someone in the group may even be able to help one of your guests achieve their goals. For example, say person A wants to be a writer, and person B works for a local publisher.

From this ice-breaking activity, person B finds out about person A’s aspirations and offers to connect him/her to an agent.

Once everyone introduces themselves, ask your guests to write down their goals and intentions for the future. This way, they have a clear idea of what to include in their vision board.

Print out our vision board planning worksheet and pass them around. Give your guests 10 to 15 minutes for this reflection exercise, and play some relaxing music in the background.

vision board planning worksheet

Download your copy now!

Vision Board Planning Worksheet
Download PDF • 38KB

Next, it’s time to make vision boards, baby! Serve snacks and drinks on the side, so your guests can help themselves.

Stick to non-alcoholic beverages if you’re on a budget, or you can make it a BYOB party, but make sure to mention this in your e-invite.

For snacks, opt for finger foods that are easy to eat without cutlery like muffins, brownies, chips and dip, or food served on small skewers.

how to plan a vision board party

What you need for a vision board party

Here are the things you’ll need to host a vision board party:

You can ask your guests to bring scissors and magazines, but have an extra pair of scissors on hand in case somebody forgets.

Don’t have magazines lying around at home? Don't worry, here’s how to make a vision board without magazines.

If you're hosting your vision board party over the holidays, a vision board kit would be the perfect gift for your guests! These kits come with everything needed for your guests to make aesthetic and powerful vision boards.

Hosting a virtual vision board party

You can also host a virtual vision board party if you prefer. This is a great way to connect with family and friends who live in different states or abroad.

Send e-invites with a Zoom link that your guests can join. If you want to make physical vision boards, let your guests know in advance, so they can prepare whatever materials they need.

Alternatively, you can make digital vision boards on Canva instead. You can ask your guests to design their own vision boards from scratch, or you can design a few templates for them to use.

Here are 3 FREE vision board templates on Canva that you can share with your guests.

free vision board templates
Use our free vision board templates on Canva to get started.

The perfect way to end a vision board party

If time permits, go around the room again and ask your guests to show and explain their vision boards to the rest of the group. Give each guest a round of applause as encouragement before moving on to the next person.

Finally, make it a point to take a group picture featuring all your guests and their vision boards. If your guests are keen to do this again next year, you can look back at this picture and check in on everyone’s progress.

Alternatively, you could also create a what’s app or Facebook group to stay connected, and this picture would be a great cover image!

Having the encouragement and support of like-minded people can make all the difference as we work towards our goals, so a group like this could be an absolute game-changer!


If you’ve ever wondered how to plan a vision board party, I hope this answers your question!

Hosting a vision board party is a fun way to kick-start your personal development journey and support your loved ones in their journey.

So use this guide to host a kick-ass vision board party for your closest family and friends!

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