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5 Must-Watch Movies On Netflix Right Now [2021]

If you’re wondering what to watch for movie night this week, I’m here to help! Here’s a list of 5 must-watch movies on Netflix right now. They're from different genres, but they have one thing in common: they’re all pretty darn awesome!

1. Wish Dragon

Promotional poster for a movie on Netflix right now called 'Wish Dragon'

Set in Shanghai, this animated movie revolves around Din, a college student, who yearns to reconnect with his childhood friend, Li Na. While doing his rounds as a delivery boy, he comes across a strange man claiming to be God, who gives him a special teapot.

Little does he know that the teapot houses a wish dragon, i.e. the pink, fluffy dragon on the poster named Long who grants his master 3 wishes. Long is so used to masters wishing for gold and riches, but Din isn’t like that at all. They go on a heart-warming albeit funny adventure together that ultimately teaches Long that there’s more to life than seeking wealth.

This movie may give you Aladdin vibes, but trust me – it’s great in its own right. Wish Dragon is a family-friendly movie that’s perfect for a movie night with the kids!

2. The Con-Heartist

Promotional poster for the movie 'The Con-Heartist'

This Thai comedy is about a naïve girl who gets conned by her ex-boyfriend, so she teams up with a con artist to plot her revenge. As they plan the ultimate scam, the girl finds herself falling for the con artist. Does he end up breaking her heart? Well, you’ve got to watch the movie to find out!

This movie is comedy gold, and it’s sure to crack you up! If you’re looking for a feel-good movie to watch on a Friday night, this is definitely a great choice.

3. Malcolm & Marie

Promotional poster for the movie 'Malcolm & Marie'

I’ve got to warn you – this is definitely not a feel-good movie. It revolves around one long argument between a young couple, Malcolm and Marie. This movie is intense, raw, and transfixing.

The story begins with the couple coming home from the movie premiere of Malcolm’s film. Malcolm, an up-and-coming director, is ecstatic about the positive response his film received, whereas Marie seems upset. Malcolm notices this and tries to talk to her.

The rest of the movie focuses on the huge argument they have that evening. The premise of this film, a couple arguing all evening, sounds dull, but Malcolm & Marie is written and taken in a very interesting way.

The couple dive into the deep-rooted problems in their relationship and dig up more than they can handle. It’s a great movie that you can watch on Netflix right now, but be warned: it can get pretty intense!

4. Love and Monsters

Promotional poster for the movie 'Love and Monsters'

This movie is set in a post-apocalyptic world full of monsters, where the remaining humans live in the safety of underground bunkers. In one particular bunker, Joel, our hero, lives with a group of people, and they’ve become a family of sorts.

Having gone into the bunker as a teen, Joel has spent most of his adult life underground and has difficulties fending for himself. When the world as he knew it came to an end, he was separated from his girlfriend, Aimee. Ever since then, he’s been trying to contact other bunkers via radio in hopes of finding her.

Finally, he reconnects with Aimee but as he speaks to her, the line gets disconnected. Joel then decides to embark on a dangerous journey to her bunker. His bunkmates advise him against it, but young Joel is in love, and he yearns to reunite with Aimee (or at least die trying).

The unlikely hero meets wonderful friends along the way that help him navigate this new world full of monsters. But does he make it to Aimee’s bunker?

At a time when we’re bombarded with loads of post-apocalyptic movies, Love and Monsters certainly stands out for its unique brand of humour and heart. This movie will make you laugh, cry, and even think about the meaning of life. It’s the perfect movie to unwind with this weekend.

5. His House

Promotional poster for a movie on Netflix right now called 'His House'

If you’re a horror junkie like me, His House is for you! This story revolves around a couple who escape from war-torn South Sudan to England as asylum seekers. They are granted probational asylum and the authorities assign them a pretty run-down house to stay in. As they try to adapt to their new life in England, strange things begin to happen in the house.

What initially seems like a story of a haunted house turns out to be something far more heart-breaking. This movie depicts the struggles of refugees who are forced to leave their homeland in search of safety and lose so much along the way.

His House is a horror thriller unlike any I have ever seen before. It’s not all just jump scares and eery music like a lot of horror movies these days. It’s a truly haunting movie about the struggles real people go through in this world.

* * *

I hope you enjoy these movies as much as I did. Stay home and stay safe everyone.


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